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Tile Right Bathroom Renovations

Professional bathroom and home maintaince  service

Our Story

Tileright has been installing beautiful bathrooms in peoples homes in limerick for over 20 years We offer a start to finish service from layout an design to plumbing tiling carpentry electrics to rubbish removal tileright covers all aspects of the job. We also carry out full house renovations at affordable rates  , We have been using the same tradesmen now for over 10 years and are each professionals in there own right and all limerick based our tilers are now using the new rubi tile leveling system to insure each tile is attached to the other and no lips occur, We waterproof every wet area i.e shower area to prevent leaks and use cement board on the floor to stop cracking or loose tiles                                                                                                                                                       

How it works

First we call and discuss your project with you,Design, type or shower,, tiles,and most importantly the best use of the space you have some showers rooms can be small but with careful planing can be made to feel quite spacious . the order in which it works is Day 1 all tiles and old fittings removed and all plumbing work started                                Day 2 plumbing work completed shower tray installed and water proofed .                            Day 3 tiling is started and electrician moves any wiring that needs moving,                         Day 4 tiling finished,                                       Day 5 all new fittings installed and bathroom is completed rubbish removed,